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Compliant member of the hotel staff arrive in the manager’s office for a firmer lesson!


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Christian is a sporty young bloke who plays rugby. He comes in for a routine physical complaining of some tension in his muscles, but has no clue he’s about to be subjected to the most intense, invasive physical examination of his life. Three clothed doctors examine and fondle his muscular naked body making the boy feel uncomfortable and incredibly self-conscious about his exposed genitals.

Christian is disgusted by how intimate the doctor’s get sniffing his arse and tasting his piss. It angers this privileged young athlete in the prime of his life that his naked body is there only for the amusement of this pervy group of doctors who take his anal virginity by penetrating his ass for the first time.

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Whenever we walk past an office block guarded by some big muscular brute we can’t help thinking all that brawn is being wasted. Nick made it his business to become acquainted with security guard Allen and heard all about his financial woes. Gym membership, personal training and protein bars are difficult to pay for on such a low wage job so he eagerly agrees to come back to our office for an afternoon of pleasure. With his wide, mean-looking mug, Allen is a tower of muscle and spunk. Surprisingly he got excited being completely naked and admired by three clothed businessmen. It goes without saying we went wild using his firm body in every way we pleased.

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This is hell of army for straight lads.

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We’ve been spending a lot of time in gym locker rooms noticing how many big muscular studs practically live there. These hetero hunks love posing. It’s all look, but don’t touch with these lads. Steve is a prime example working out six days a week. This muscular powerhouse is all brawn and no brains. So it’s easy to trick him into posing for a possible role in our “poster campaign” grudgingly offering us exclusive access to every inch of his naked body with lots of cheeky groping. Fresh from working out, his body was covered with fresh clean sweat and emanating pheromones which drove us into a frenzy. We took total control of his body and taught this dumb straight fuck how to submit naked to a group of true professionals.

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Corey is a tender young freckled boy who has never been touched sexually by a man. As soon as he walked in our dicks were standing up – we couldn’t wait to get our hands on him. When young guys become embarrassed they often grin like madmen. Corey is a classic case. Alarmed by our aggressive sexual attention to his slim boyish body, he trembles as we invasively grope him. On the floor with his arse pointed in the air he’s primed for being fucked. We experienced a thrill of total empowerment as we stayed fully clothed while this straight boy was naked at our feet.

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In everyday life, macho straight guys like Darren don’t tolerate sexual comments from other men without some violence occurring. But in our office he has to stand there answering our invasive questions while we prod his manly body and remove his suit one piece at a time. It’s a bit of paradise burying our noses between Darren’s firm warm butt cheeks where there is an unbelievably hot manly aroma. He learns an important lesson in how to be completely submissive with three suited pervy men circling him, turning him into a sexual object who is only there to satisfy our raging insatiable desires.

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19 year-old schoolboy Noah has been a very naughty young lad. Couched at the back of the classroom he writes nasty notes about respected and feared headmaster Mr Swallow. He’s not getting away with it anymore! In this detention the simpering pink-cheeked boy gets a lesson he’ll never forget. We strip the arrogant little twit of his uniform, examining and groping his naked body in intimate detail. Boys Noah’s age are intensely embarrassed about their private bits so making him display them and having his tender penis and arsehole touched by older clothed teachers is excruciatingly embarrassing for him. It only takes a good long session plundering his tight virginal anus to transform him into an obedient lad with good character. It’s about time this smug boy who taunts his teachers all day long with his pert arse receives his comeuppance and we eagerly make an example of him.

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It’s retribution time for dirty player Jason who has been found guilty of fingering the arsehole and tugging the cock of an opponent on the pitch. Nick goes to urge his own back however filthy bugger Jason gets a stonking exhausting erection whereas taking his punishment. It’s clear this rugger bugger has no self management when his balls are full.

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Cmnm is fun . The dominant clothed men at CMNM have taught rugby player Ben how to be submissive by stripping him naked and making him get on his hands and knees so his asshole is fully exposed.

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Ben is surprised at how stimulating the anal invasion is. After only a few strokes his dick goes rock hard and begins oozing precum as they delve further into his tight hole and press right against his g-spot. His silence soon comes to an end as he moans piteously at the mixture and pain he receives having his sporty ass plundered for the first time.

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